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Armada Design & Build Inc. can handle it all! Roofing, masonry, side carpentry, and painting are just some of the services we excel at. We know the thought of a new construction can be daunting; 
we are here to make that process as easy as possible. Main reason to think about New Construction:  
You can be directly involved in the planning process! With the seemingly endless amount of housing styles in Seattle and Bellevue, a new construction allows for a blank canvas to create your dreams. Don’t let the constraints of a prefabricated house prevent you from defining the space you live in. We warranty our work so you know what you are getting upon delivery.   Our experts will work with you to establish the required materials for the project as well as provide consultation along the way. Give us a call at (425) 558-9400 and let us know about your big idea. 

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