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The average American spends about 30 minutes a day in their kitchen. That is over 10,000 hours of your life in the kitchen! Why not transform it into a space you, your family, and guest can thoroughly enjoy being in.
Main reason to do a kitchen remodel: 
Enhance and Modernize Your Kitchen - The kitchen is by far the most remodeled room in US homes. Every decade seems to bring a new style on kitchen design and utilization; updates in appliances are also allowing you additional freedom to make better use of the space in your kitchen. You are lucky to live near major cities like Bellevue and Seattle, where virtually all modern day materials and fixtures are readily available for your future kitchen.  Let us revitalize, transform and turn your kitchen into a great place to feed the family or host your next gathering. Want to change your laminate countertops to granite, wood, or stone? What about adding new cabinets or are you looking to have the whole space redone? Have a look at the gallery below which gives you a glimpse into the work of our kitchen work. Look to Armada Design & Build Inc. to execute your kitchen remodel.

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