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Cabinetry is an area where there are many fads and trends. Our experts will show you how to pick one that you will love today and several years down the road. We specialize in creating custom unique cabinets designed specifically for you along with updating the hardware that will appeal to your guest and make your life easier. 
Main reason to add new cabinets:  
Add functionality and multi-use ability – About 7.6 Million homeowners will remodel their kitchens this year. With open floorplans rising in popularity, new cabinets can help you achieve this look. We specialize in making your dated inefficient kitchen into a functional and inviting place. Armada Design and Build Inc. will make sure you receive quality materials than can stand years of normal kitchen abuse due to humidity and constant temperature changes. Let us create fine custom cabinets for you while you worry about purchasing new china and silverware to match your new, beautiful kitchen.  No matter how large your space or finishing style, we have the ability to cater to virtually all of your needs. Please feel free to send us a picture of your current cabinets and let us know what you are looking for.

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