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Bothell, WA | Complete House Remodel

The owner of this Bothell, WA house envisioned a remodel that looks modern and transitional, but still maintain a rustic ambience. Adding several sleek and rich wooden pieces that really complemented the layout of the house we achieved the rustic yet modern look. Armada Design & Build, Inc. added elegant dark wooden floors throughout the house. We also paired that with dark cabinets the bathrooms and kitchens. Using teal colored mosaic tiles provided the contrast this remodel needed and made the kitchen remodel stand out. The use of lighter accents on all of the surfaces, such as stainless steel handles and marble countertops. All of these elements combined really gave the house an extraordinary sense of simplicity, a gorgeous premium look, unforgettable charm and character. Our Favorite Addition: To make the kitchen pop, we installed a glass bar top with modern LED lights embedded in the piece. The owner wanted to make the bar the focal point of the kitchen and specifically requested this addition. The bar will make a great centerpiece for the many gatherings this house will accommodate. Some of the materials we used: 
1. Pental Mari Blue 3cm. counter top
2 Provenza Floors, Antico-Pro 347 Hand Distressed 5 ½. hardwood floors
3.United Tile, Questech Cast Metals, Brushed Nickel  ½ x 12 Soho  Liner Hear What our Customer had to say: "I am very proud to comment and refer Armada to anyone looking for a dedicated, professional company to do their next project. We had a major re-model witha vision from beginning to end, from the basics to the finest detail; Alex and his staff did not miss anything along the way. I was very impressed with the excellent quality of workmanship, the solid commitment to hitting all timelines, and most importantly being below budget in all phases. The scope of our project was more than a few months and in the whole process we never had a issue in ANY part of the project. Would definately recommend to my family and friends" Mark S.

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