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Seattle, WA | New Additions

We gave this over 100 year old house in the Seattle, WA area a facelift, and we are excited to say that the surgery went well! As you can see we applied new siding to the house and used higher quality materials to make it look clean and fresh. We wanted to keep the design simple and modern. We repainted this Seattle house, added new floors, and added new granite countertops. Our favorite Addition: We like the simplicity of the additions here. Nothing too big and out of the norm, except the wood tiled showers in the bathroom remodels, which give the showers a unique look and a gives the bathroom a overall modern look. As a result the focal point remained at the large bay windows and spectacular view.  Wonderful words from our satisfied Bellevue clients: We received a beautiful remodeling job, both in design and craftsmanship, from your competent and caring staff. Bravo, bravo and thanks from both of us. It has been an enjoyable and challenging project that has produced a house with architectural interest and style. We are very appreciative of your dedication to our projects. -Frank & Jessica

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